Level 1 Training or better camera?

Good Evening Gentlemen
I took and completed the CRT 16 Hour (2 day) training at the Weston FL HOH on 9-12/9-13. It was presented by Monroe Infrared and taught by Bill Fabian. I really enjoyed it and learned quite a lot on how to (and how not to) use by IR Camera. I am a firm believer and am professionally serious in proper training and on how to use any tool in my bag, hence the investment in time and money on the training. Question…I have an “adequate” camera now ($600 Chinese made HT-19)…would Level 1 training be a better investment for my Home Inspection career, or a better camera?? I look forward to your thoughts as I am committed to advancing my skills, one way or the other
Thanks for your input

Matt, I would recommend the Level I education. That will help you decide what direction to go with IR and, more importantly, which imager to purchase.

I’ve said this before. I bought a cheap imager and then took two classes; Infrared for Building Sciences and Level I. After the first class I traded back my $4,000 imager for a 17,000 imager. And it made me for a long time. This was about 15 years ago.

The classes often have different imagers to try out.


Thanks Larry. I was leaning that way, not much sense in buying a tool, you can’t use to it’s full potential. And more training is an investment in proper execution, no matter the device. Its always good to get your thoughts. No drama, just solid advice.
Thank you

I completely agree with Larry, take the training! Anyone can buy a thermal camera and take some pictures that end up looking like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, but if you want a quality product for you clients take the training an invest in a quality camera.

I took the ITC Level 1 taugh by Mike McMurrain in Sept, this course helped me to better understand thermal imaging and the cameras. I did not have a camera for the course, I was able to use some of the ones the others student brought, there was a wide variety. I got to see the type that attach to your phone on one end and a 60K camera on the other end. After the course I decided on purchasing the FLIR E95 with the 24 and 42 lenses. The one ability I wanted in the camera was
MSX, this will help your client better understand the image. ( What is MSX®?

FLIR also has a special going on right now (flir.com/promotions) if you spend a certain amount you can get a free product.


Take Lvl I, it will learn ya that a $600 IR camera is just a liability.

Thanks Dan. Training it is

Well said David