LI Chapter and Metro Chapter Meeting

February 23rd, 2006 at 6pm at Paradise Diner/Restaurant, Veterans Hwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788 ~ Dinner Meeting $ 30.00

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Getting through the audit without a major hassle
New York State Licensing- Do you have yours?
Education and Experience requirements- Are they on the move?
The New York State Board- Whats Next and What to Expect?!?!

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Fellow NACHI Members:

Thanks for making the NACHI meeting a great success on Long Island. This week, is a holiday week for most of the Island for School Age children, and we still were able to get our attendance to over 50 members for an evening filled with information. The information included:
Prolab discussion of Mold and Identification of Mold and Pollutants
General Liability in New York State and E and O Insurance in the State
The NYS Audit of Home Inspectors and How to pass with flying colors!
Software for Home Inspectors, High End, Medium End and starter packages

Hats, T-Shirts, Give-Aways, a great dinner meal- no not lobster but Prime Rib and Filet stuffed with crab meat, penne Ala Vodka with Chicken, to name a few entrees.

Thanks again for everyone who was able to attend, and have a great time for those who were unable to attend due to family related trips. I was jealous that several local Inspectors were going away, but after my trip to Florida last month, I decide it is still too cold and rainy to want to go their until later in the spring.

Thanks to Len Ungar who ran a terrific meeting and set the stage for everyone in attendance. I am happy and proud to work with him. That is why we formed a strategic alliance to benefit Long Island members of NACHI. It seems to be working.

Have a great weeken everyone.


Our next Long Island Chapter Meeting is Planned for April, 2006. We have some ideas on Topics and would like input from the Long Island Chapter members who have been active and in attendance every meeting for the past several years.

Contact Len Ungar at with suggestions.

Thanks for the trememdous support!