LI Nachi & Ed Chapter Electrical Seminar

LOOKS LIKE OCT 21st is going to finally be our long awaited ELECTRICAL SEMINAR !!!
As most L I NACHI members know I have been working on this for awhile. [COLOR=red]Paul Abernathy our NACHI Electrical Educator has agreed to teach a class for us with Nicks blessing.[/COLOR]
Please keep checking our site for updates and particulars to the event.
**Regards Len Ungar [LI NACHI Chapter Pres]:grin: **
PS: Contact me at if needed for Nachi or seminar info.

Hey Guys,

Look forward to meeting you all…and Bringing my FLAVOR of Electrical Knowledge to your area, you will laugh, cry…well maybe not cry…but enjoy it…Feel free to gather up your pictures of electrical issues and bring them with you to the meeting…you can even e-mail me them prior…we will have ALOT to cover in a SHORT time…

Lets make it a GREAT turn out…

Paul - This is great news - looking forward to it.

Thanks Len.

That’s some SHOCKINGLY good news !!!


Sounds like a meeting of interesting characters - wish I could be there!

Hi! Russ;
Your welcome anytime my friend.
Come on down !!!