License Theraml imaging?

just to start , i am new york licensed home inspector. i am curios about the license issue if any with this new application, other then getting level certs and training , do you need a home inspection license to to thermal imaging. you don’t need a license here in new york to inspect units over 4 families from what i am told . if you want to do commercial i assume the home inspection license will not apply anyways , and what about hopping over to do a big job in another state , where does thing thermography fit in ,can it still be done even thou it is not a home inspection, maybe an energy audit on a home, any thoughts on this?

According to my attorney as long as I am doing thermal imaging work and not a home inspection then I am OK with the current NH law. And in VT we don’t have any licensure as of yet so it’s not an issue.

To my knowledge, there is no license (issued by the gov’t or state) to use an IR camera. The word “certification” generally means that a school has trained you.

Note: Over 10 years ago several levels of infrared courses were set up for training individuals in various fields of thermography. None of those were developed expressly for the building inspector and contractor. InterNACHI has now filled that gap with this very intense two day thermal imaging training course, that concentrates totally on the needs of the inspection industry and methods necessary to utilize an infrared camera, with knowledge and confidence. Our certification trademark is federally registered and issued by the largest home inspection association in North America.
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What John said, from what I know there is no license required to do infrared inspections anywhere in the US.

However, you can fall in to situations where safety standards require you to take certain precautions while doing IR inspections. An example of that would be NFPA 70 E for arc flash safety. Others that come to mind are possible fall protection requirements, safety glass and/or hard hat areas, etc.

Although with that being said, personally I think you can put yourself in a bad situation legally speaking without at least level II training outside of areas where your HI license/bond/insurance does not protect you.


There are other areas that are like this… Doing IR work on a airplane for one. You can do the imaging but you can not comment on the condition of the airplane. only a licensed airplane Mechanic or doing Brest exam with IR. Needs a Doctor

You can do the imaging but not any diagnostic.



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