Licensed Home Inspector Continuing Education

If any Licensed Home Inspectors in New York have any specific ideas for Continuing Education, give us a call, and we will work with you to benefit the New York NACHI membership.

Presently, we have developed 16 Home Inspection Continuing Education Courses, which we plan to submitted within the next 60 days. NY informed us that we will eligible to submit them after the first of year. They will notify each school when the c/e applications are complete. The reason we want to act on this now is so we don’t have another last minute situation on our hands as we did with licensing in New York State. Everyone who has become licensed will have to show approved continuing education before you renew the end of 2007. Sounds like a great deal of time but it sneaks up on you faster than you think!

If anyone has a topic of interest, or would enjoy the opportunity to teach a module, let us know. E-mail or call us. We respect the ownership of the course submitted, the confidentiality of same.

Have a great New Year!:smiley:

Merrell Institute and Appraisal Education Network School

Hi, I am in California. I need to find out how many hours I have for continuing education for my certification and how many I need. Can you help me out please? Or call me? 805-314-7330