Life Expectancies of Components

Found this guide from the National Assn. of Home Builders. I don’t quote ages or expected life, but I think this can help substantiate my estimates when asked directly about a particular item.

Thanks for the link…

Be careful when noting the life of a component. It all depends on how the component is used. I had one inspection where a 3 year old water heater was almost kaput due to hard water and the lady wanting super hot water all the time.

Just note the condition of the item at the time of the inspection. Nothing else, nothing more.

That study is posted heretoo.

And here: I make a concerted effort to update this frequently or add others to it. Everyone please feel free to link to it.

Or use average life expectancies. One can also tell them that anything made by humans can fail at any time, even when new. One can also tell them that lemons exist outside of the fruit industry.

Nothing else, nothing more many times doesn’t HELP my Clients. I like to be HELPful wherever I can, so if there is information out there that I can provide to them to HELP them with their decision-making process, I do.