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Hello my fellow inspectors.
Recently fired up my webpage and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Be well and stay busy.
the link is:
Yep, a Canadian fella opening the field up here, :roll: ha ha ha
In advance, thanks for your input and critique.

John, I think your website is great. Very professional and informative.

There is only one thing I see: Is Mold spelled differently in Canada? (Mould)

Other than that, good job setting up the site. I am actually going to have my site hosted by Home Inspector Pro rather than keep my exsisting hosting company.


I noticed on one of your pages it says…

Are high humidity and moisture issues accepted as normal conditions
in the basement, and the home owner is suppose to accept they will
have to take steps to battle these conditions on an on-going basis?

The reason I ask is because it well known that high levels of moisture
are conducive to mold (mould), decay, and more…

Basements can be constructed to be free of these issues… yes?
If built properly, then these issues would not be present and no
effort would be needed to deal with them.

So these moisture issues are indeed a defect and not “All
basements are subject to high humidity and moisture levels”.

I am not trying to bash…:stuck_out_tongue:

John your link to this page should be, not

Otherwise --nice site

Cheers and Welcome