Limited Supply of Refurbished Retrotec Q46 Blower Doors

We have a limited number of Refurbished Retrotec Q46 blower doors for $2495.00. They retail for $3295.00. They come fully brought back to factory specifications which includes;

Recalibration - Good for two years
Firmware upgrade - DM-2A newest firmware installed
Frame restoration - brand new guides, knobs, cam levers and connectors
Fresh Cloth - Brand new cloth
2 Yr Warranty - Brand new 2 year warranty

All of these models are from trade show presentations, which 95% of the time means they were not even turned on.

All other standard items are included. Retrotec Q46 Blower Door

AC Tool Supply

Can you still get free training/certifacation with Refurbished Retrotec Q46 Blower Doors?

No, but if you are in KY we have a handful of grants left that we can throw in the BPI BA with a US1000 which is $2795 or a new Q46 which is $3295.00.


Is the equipment still for sale