Logo designed by InterNachi questions

Hi, I read on InspectorOutlet.com;

“I understand that all logos designed by InterNACHI must contain the phrase “InterNACHI Certified” and all marketing material designed by InterNACHI must contain the InterNACHI Certified logo.”

  1. Who owns the logo design? Nachi or the Nachi member?
  2. If the member no longer wants to be part of Nachi, can they still use the logo and remove the “InterNachi Certified” part?
  3. Does the member get a PSD and Vector version of the logo?

I’m going to need a logo design soon.



  1. The InterNACHI member.
  2. Only 11 inspectors ever quit InterNACHI and stayed in the business. Our renewal rate is greater than 99% (it’s why we have so many members). Now many have left InterNACHI because they left the industry entirely, sold their business, retired, got injured, got deployed, died, etc. But the scenario you describe never really happens. Also, with each new www.nachi.org/benefits.htm we add, our renewal rate gets closer and closer to 100%.
  3. Yes.

Unfortunately, we don’t design logos for non-members. Sorry.

Thanks Nick, I’ll become a member once I’m done with my C&D course.

Can you please let me know about #2 if it would happen.

Thanks again for your quick replies.


It won’t, but I really don’t care what you do with the logo once you leave.

Thanks and please keep in mind it’s not about my logo and me leaving, those are just general questions. I run a domain name registrar and we do a lot of web development. If I was giving a deal to a client because they keep our signature at the bottom of their site, I might include in the contract that if they remove it they owe us a certain amount of money. I don’t see much details about any of this here so I’m asking questions.

Thanks again,


I don’t need fences around InterNACHI keeping members in. If someone doesn’t find any value by being a member, I wish them well.

I will never leave this industry that I love so much. InterNACHI has the best Home Inspectors on the planet. I have been injured and still proudly remained a member.

I do not have an InterNACHI Certified Logo yet, simply because I cannot presently afford to have the marketing department design one for me with brochures and business cards. Even Home Inspectors run into some tough situations financially. On the other hand I cannot afford not to have a professional logo design of my logo. I will be working harder and harder every day to make that a reality. With that being said: “Joining InterNACHI almost 5 years ago was the best decision that I have ever made”.

I have uploaded two different logo designs, in the picture below, that I have made myself. Not bad for a Home Inspector to do himself. Until I get an InterNACHI Certified Logo, my design(s) will have to work. Neither is in a High quality format like a vector.

The benefits of InterNACHI are boundless. I saved enough on my HG purchase Monday to pay for my membership for a year. And I love my Nachi designed logo. Get some business cards for $120, you’ll get $500 worth of free design work. You can’t afford to have a less than professional logo.

This past week, I had a Realtor ask me “don’t you find them (InterNACHI) to be expensive?” To which I replied, “you have to be kidding!”, and rattled off a list of the benefits. The education alone makes it a huge bargain. If there’s someone who doesn’t find any value, they truly have a mental impairment.

NACHI Services are for Members…
Members remain Members (from my experience over 15 years) …
is there a question?