Logo for Building Your Business with CCPIA— a new video series for commercial property inspectors

InterNACHI’s Marketing Department recently designed this logo for our upcoming Building Your Business monthly video series. Each month, Rob will be releasing a video where he discusses all things commercial inspections. He’ll also host guests to discuss tricks of the trade, meetings for new inspectors, and roundtables for other discussions.

If you have a topic in mind that you would like him to cover or if you would like to participate, email Rob at rob@ccpia.org

The videos will be published at CCPIA.org and in our Monthly Newsletter.



Laggy this looks great!



Awesome work.


Very nice Logo. Thanks for sharing Maggie Aey.

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Awesome. Best Association ever. Close tie with InterNACHI. When I get a chance (just a little busy), I’m gonna email Rob and get him to do a video on commercial plumbing. I can tell you last week I reviewed plumbing - residential (studied for 10 hours InterNACHI’s Plumbing course - you can check to verify) to keep stuff fresh in my mind and you all have added to it since I last took it. Reviewed both Electrical and Structural as well while building a brand new business from scratch. Still working on that business since things are slow around here.

Maggie, I love you girl. Don’t take that wrong. I’ve been married for 20 years but you’re an Angel :innocent:.

  • Michael
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