Looking for feedback on inspector logic or legacy offered in the inspector outlet store

Hello Internachi Community,

I was looking for affordable home inspection software in the inspector outlet store and it offers two programs with a free version for internachi members. One is called Legacy and the other Inspector Logic. They both appear to be from the same company. I’d like some feedback from anyone who has used them. Thanks…

What is YOUR definition of ‘Affordable’??

Hello Jeffery,

I’m new to the home inspection industry so I’m comparing different home inspection software packages being offered. My main question here is i’m interested if other internachi members have found the free software offered by legacy or inspector logic to be adequate for their reporting needs. If I get enough positive reviews I my consider going with a free program to reduce my start up costs. If the reviews are not good then I will spend the money for good software.

I’m not commenting either way on any software, or the method you choose to collect data, but just stating that you have the wrong perspective about choosing your Report software.
You need to understand that the Report (in effect, the information it contains), is what your clients are paying you for. Your entire business and reputation rides on that Report! If you provide a substandard report, you will likely fail. If you provide incredible information with a poor report layout, you will likely fail. If you provide crap information with a crap layout, you will likely (rightly so) FAIL! What you should be looking for, is the software that will provide your clients with the information and layout that best represents YOU and your company. Only YOU can decide for your business what that is!
The path you should be on, is taking advantage of the FREE TRIALS that most all Report Software offer nowadays. USE those free trials for their maximum terms to decide which one is a fit and best reflects who you and your company are. You should see that some are strictly boilerplate stuff, and others are totally customizable. Take the time to give them an honest run through. Don’t be lazy. Do the work now as once you choose and get going, you likely won’t be changing software anytime soon… even if it sucks!!
As you move forward in this profession, your needs will change/expand. There is NO one size fits all software, so any software that gives you the power to customize it, is in your best interests to put the time into it.
For my needs, I have used and discarded multiple software’s. I now focus on two separate software from two different companies, plus a custom Windows format of my own design for specialized applications. Still, I am making changes on the fly to suit my needs… all this after using digital software for 14+ years!!
Sure, others opinions are great to read, but in the end, it is all about YOU… what you want your report to be, how much time you want to put into it, and (mostly ignored by many) is how user friendly the software is! Many are a just a pain in the ass to use, thus the need to take the Trials for a healthy run!!
Good luck.


Lol. Good luck bud.


Obviously, you are on the path to FAILURE with that attitude.
Gods Speed to you reaching your destination in a timely manner!!


Full disclosure, I haven’t used either of those specific programs.

But I do use software from that vendor for ancillary (insurance) reports. The company has been around for a long time, and has experience with our industry. They publish other inspection report writers that have a fee or cost, so I imagine there is a difference in their overall capabilities.



Thank you Dominic. I’m going to look into that.

None of the software you indicated has any support. To the best of my knowledge they are checklist reports without pictures. WAFI


You have a problem with the truth? That’s all he told you. LOL who will you report him to?


Your own words apply to yourself. The man spent his time to give you good advice and you dismissed him, blew off his advice, and insulted him. You need to sit back and reflect a little.


Again looking for honest feedback on Legacy and Inspector logic programs offered in the Inspector outlet store. Not interested in arguments. real feedback appreciated. Thank you all.

Michael – I started my business in Jan of 2019 and prior to that I tried several of the free software packages and there is a reason they are “Free”… Little to no support, boiler-plate setups, cant customize, etc. As Jeffrey said – the report IS your business… It’s the single thing that’s really going to make or break your business. It is was your clients are paying for… You are competing against guys who have been in business for years and you want your reports to be on par or better… There is a LOT of work and expense that goes into starting a Home Inspection Business. I completely understand you want to try to save money here or there, but the reporting software is NOT one of them… I actually got my first client BECAUSE of my sample report… Gotta spend money to make money… Good luck…


Thank you Michael. I appreciate your response. Maybe I misconstrued Jeffery’s tone a bit but I’ve been working very hard to get this business off the ground and just felt I was looked at as trying to cut corners or be lazy which is definetly not the case. I just wanted to know if anyone felt the free versions were adequate till my business is further along but I understand your point that you get what you pay for and I want to be as professional as possible in my presentation.

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If you were trying to compete with Ruth’s Chris would your McDonald’s burger suffice?

Hows free to try for xx days?
Most inspection software are free to try. Make your decision then.


Hey Jeffery, I find your response to be one of the best and most helpful I have ever seen on the Inter-NACHI forum. So often the responses are anything but helpful and add nothing to our profession. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for taking the time to help another inspector which helps to increase the professionalism of our entire industry. Thanks


If nobody minds I’d like to piggyback with a question of my own. Are most reports delivered digitally initially, .pdf file perhaps, and then paper copies mailed to the client? Just something I’ve been wondering.

Hi Michael, I did trials of the Legacy and Inspector Logic. I wasn’t personally satisfied with it, I’m not comfortable showing the output report to my clients.

Then I found out ReportHost, and have been using ReportHost for about 5 years now.


thank you Norman I will check it out.