Looking for Functional Improvements

OK, I have searched the new website for “functional improvements”, cannot find any. It looks nice, but what functional improvements are there that will help us become more efficient?

Glen, The functionality improvements are throughout but on the back end. Features that we add from here will work better, allow more ability etc. on the front end. You can’t see it but it took nearly four months for Mike to do and Sean helped as well. The graphics or cool color or layout that you see was a very small amount of the 4 months.

We did increase the efficiency of navigation and things are found a lot more easily (saves time less clicks). I am surprised you didn’t notice that. :wink:

There used to be a number of inspections done year to date and this week. Is that still there and I am just missing it? Just like to make sure I’m on track!

I said it elsewhere but thought I would add it here. The biggest improvement immediately is that your customer and agents (and your staff) can now see their reports on their phone without clicking the mobile link that use to be there in their email notification of the report.

Glenn, also I am surprised you didn’t see the cloud feature where we added the ability to send your templates to all your team with one click instead of individually. No thank you? After all it was one of your gripes. :slight_smile:

We added those back in now so you should see them in the search feature at your list of stored reports.

Personally, I am not fond of the new HG website. First of all, it looks anemic but that is a personal opinion.

The biggest issue I have with it is the layout. The report area is so cramped that you have to scroll down forever to get to anything. It used to be that I could easily see the information on the agreement, the inspect report, the report summary and the invoice on one screen. Now I can only see less than half of it so I have to scroll up and down to check things. Also on the manual upload page, I could see the entire form but now, again, I have to scroll down to upload the file after setting the rest up.

I know that seems like a small thing but the new design makes thing harder not more user friendly.

Thanks Robert. I will look into that more. We have many compliments as well because everything is easy to find. However not saying we can’t continue to improve it.