Looking for Info on Expenses

I’m trying to put together numbers on everything you need to actually get your business up and running, im new to inspections and need to get actual numbers to take to whomever i can try and get a loan from, im fine with average amounts, or approx. I need insurences, equipment, basic office ideas, anything you can provide to keep me as exact as possible and understand how much I’m gonna need to have together when i start in Febuary (hopefully sooner)

can anyone help?



If you’ve never run a business or have previously not been as successful as you’d like I’d suggest you hook up with your local office http://www.sba.gov/ or at least read the many tips on their site.

i have run a business before, im just looking for information on expenses of this career choice (home inspections) Its a new business to me, and any company i try to call to get info, refuses to give me anything, it’s crazy

you couldnt just help me out, why is everyone always trying to sell something, being a fellow inspector i figured you would at least be able to give me a begining break down… thanks for the help

the answer varies but you will need office equipment including inspection software, inspections tools depending on what you buy at the least$2000
you want accurate & dependable meters etc, marketing you know what ever your budget is I dont know if this helps but a place to

Hy Adam You come into our home and ask questions.
Well can you tell me what reason I have to give you help.
What have you done for the inspection industry,
What have you done for InterNACHI or ant of the InterNACHI members .

I expect you have been visiting us for a while and most certainly have learned much from us .
We are glad to see you and help you learn but you will see most of us are dues paying members and do help all.
The site you where sent too has nothing to do with InterNACHI , but the person who sent you there obviously feels you can gain much from it.
.Again I ask what do I and others owe you.
Thanks … Cookie

Adam, many inspectors guard that information for various reasons. For what it’s worth, here is a breakdown of my expenses over the first 18 months as I was developing my business.

listen im not trying to start anything, but i also have just paid for a membership once my training is over. so i am currently looking for information to get my business up and running, now in order to do so, i need facts of expenses, i should be done training by january 20th hopefully and i need to get together any kind of funds, so please if you can help please do, because i really need it, i have run businesses before but none in this industry, i cant find any clear information anywhere, and would really appriciate any assistance. and to address your last statement, the address he sent me to had no information and actually looked like it was a book he had written to sell to me for $99.00… The true question is what have people done to you that you do not want to help others with needs, and im sure you had some of these same questions when you began… correct?

wow, that is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done in giving information, why do you think so many hold it to themselves?


Hanntech’s program is the best tool I know of to estimate the costs of running a home inspection business. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at that part of Brian’s site, and as it’s curently set up I agree that it’s a hard to tell what he is selling, as I remember it there used to be more informaton on this prodcut there.


What type of business did you run?? A newspaper delivery route doesn’t count.

I guess you are very new to This BB and this Industry .
It might be a good idea and do a lot more reading before you continue to make some more of the statements you have made .
…All the best… Cookie

Man, I can feel the love in the room.:mrgreen:

Cookie…are you bi-polar? This question gets asked at least once a week along with “Which software reporting system is best?” and “Can someone explain the difference between grounding and bonding?” and, of course, “Are there really any problems with FPE panels?” They all get an answer don’t they? What put the burr under your saddle?


why is everyone always trying to sell something, being a fellow inspector i figured you would at least be able to give me a begining break down… thanks for the help


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Lets take this one step at a time
("i try to call to get info, refuses to give me anything ")
Sounds to me like he is not satisfied with how he has been treated by various Companies at NACHI,

(" why is everyone always trying to sell something") a NACHI member gives him a web site who obviously the NACHI member felt was a good one .
He again states he is not satisfied with what he has been given.

I ask him why he feels he deserves to be treated specially as he has done nothing to give any help to NACHI and challenges those who have tried to help him.
… (" are you bi-polar? ") Now you insult me because I challenge a non member who is not treating our NACHI members with respect.

(" question gets asked at least once a week along ") Exactly so we agree this is a common question why should this person at least look and see if the information he wants is not there to see…

(" What put the burr under your saddle")
I have no burr under my saddle and I am sure if you just look a Little I am most certainly in the top ten % who try to help all.

Yes I do get a little perturbed when any one challenges any NACHI member who is trying to help other home inspectors Member or non Members .
That includes those who wish to challenge me and my supporting NACHI and all Home inspectors .


If Roy has a burr under his saddle, there’s a good chance he’ll be able to locate it with his BCAM.

Warms the old cockles doesn’t it :shock:

I didn’t take it as him attacking any iNACHI members. He never said that he had contacted any iNACHI members. I understand his concern about being sent to a site to pay $99 for something he didn’t particularly want. I’ve never seen that $99 cost of business program but have heard good things about it and would recommend he consider it if he’s serious about becoming an HI. I don’t think that program is offered by a iNACHI member though, is it?

Well, I suppose I’ll just have to live with that :stuck_out_tongue: