Looking for Nachi Certified Training Course

I am looking for a Nachi certified training course. I live just southeast of Peterborough Ontario.
I would prefer to take a course within 1 hour’s driving time but am open to other opportunities.


Rick Guzik

What type of course are you seeking? There are all sorts of training programs here.

Just had 2 in Ontario…


Joe is correct, we had two great courses recently in Kingston. Guess who the instructor was? You guessed it Mr. Joe Farsetta, he held the Commercial and The well Sampler courses back to back. You missed out on two GREAT courses, and it was right in your backyard!
You should really join NACHI and do all the on-line courses. If you send me an e-mail I will keep you informed of any future courses.

Joe will be in NY this Friday teaching continuing education for Home Inspectors.


I look forward to seeing fellow NACHI Members this Friday!

Thankyou for your reply.
Yes it looks like I just missed out in Kingston. What I’m looking for is a general “starters course” that would give me the tools to start doing inspections.
My wife took a course with ACISS Home Inspections of Bowmanville last year. I am looking for the same basic type of course. Looking to the future to build on that initial basic course with online and specialized training.