Looking For Volunteers to Add Their Picture to the Business & Marketing Course

We’re looking for InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspectors CPI® who would like to add their picture to the Home Inspection Business & Marketing Course.

The Home Inspection Business & Marketing Course refers to many inspectors who have built successful home inspection businesses, and we’d like to add your picture, name, and business name to the course.

If you’re interested, please post it here or email it to ben@internachi.org. We may not be able to add everyone’s pictures, but we’ll do our best.

Here’s an example of the type of picture we’re looking for:

Any questions or concerns, email ben@internachi.org.


You have a whole thread dedicate to “Big BG Pose”. You probably won’t have issues with any of them contributing. :wink:


Me on a roof during chilly temps.


Emailing you.
Email me back concerning what type of images you are looking for.
All high quality images. 5152x3864 pixels.

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Bert @bhull1 is a natural promotional for this. His “big BG” poses on the top of roofs from a drone, are unmatched and are absolutely the best.


How do your picture and description work for you, @kleonard? Click the link below to get to the course page where your picture is (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Thank you!


Okay, @ryoung7. Just email me a pic of you inspecting, or standing and smiling, or something like that.

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Not sure what that is.

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Looks great Ben @bgromicko1 thanks. :+1:

The only suggestion I would make is if you want you can add:
“InterNACHI Member for 20+ years”.


Updated, @kleonard. https://education.nachi.org/show.php?course_id=145&element_id=5596

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Thanks, Ben. I should have paid closer attention to the post.

Thanks Ben. @bgromicko1

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How does your picture look, @dclark22, inside the business and marketing course? Thank you. Good-looking dog, BTW.

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Thanks for the picture, @ryoung7! Check it out at InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

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That looks great. Thank you she’s a Bluetick coonhound. Her name is Jersey


Looks great. Thank you

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My pleasure.
Looks great.
I will upload some more later on.

Thanks. Ben.
You’re The Best!