Looking for....

Does any know of a program that will take a bunch of data points and create a formula out of it.


I could punch in the data points of

X =Y
1 =2.8
2 =5.6
3 =9.6
4 =9.1
5 =11.2
6 =15.6
7 =15.5
8 =16.8
9 =21.4
10 =22.0
11 =22.6
12 =27.2
13 =28.4
14 =28.4
15 =32.9
16 =34.8
17 =34.4
18 =38.5
19 =41.2
20 =40.6
21 =44.0

which hapens to makes a graph like w1.jpg
and the program would figure out that the formula to make that graph would have to be y=2x+sin(x)*cos(x)*pi

Is there such a program?

The below is written by my darling Daughter, Elishava. Entering Senior, Niles North. (BTW, she is under age. I know you guys too well.)

Hope this help;

Get an Texas Instruments TI-83+ calulator, commonly used by High School Algebra / Trig courses around here. Good booklet that explains everything.

Any PC package programs that do statistical graphics (ask for a program that derives a formula from scatter plots). Best Buy, around here, has it.

Just one thing… NACHI ROCKS (but you giys can’t do math :mrgreen: )

Cool icons, though.

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Thanks Elishava, I will try your suggestions.

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