Lot Drainage question

Maybe not entirely!

The lady was already complaining about the amount of backyard it takes up on initial contact so not much needed to be said in that regard.
She seems to really want the location.

Last year, I commented to client during the inspection of the nice stream behind their property only to hear on the news later in the year of the area being evacuated due to Mother Nature.

All the basements in that area were flooded and that home inspected had a professionally finished basement…

I am now looking at streams/culverts in a different light.

Yeah anytime something is different we gotta use our spidey sense.

During periods of rainfall, heavy or not, the buyer may have a pond in their yard. Around here catch basins in sub-divisions are normally not on “occupied” property.

Should have a grate your right, How ever in the south we call that thinning out the herd .( just kidding)

Another thought:

I would recommend that the client check to see if this is an easement. If it’s not, it could be a liability for the buyer, especial if there is an accident with no grate over the drain.

Good call ,

Great to see a string with many good thoughts and ideas .

Drainage contractors, as in a contractor who develops raw land for subdivisions, city or municipal development planning departments, civil engineers specializing in water flow management, US Army corps of engineers, Dutch people :slight_smile:

Bob, a civil engineer likely had to design the subdivision and include the drainage ‘pond’.

To stay out of trouble, recommend going to the bldg dept and asking for help in the plan review dept. They are the ‘experts’ who had to approve the design.

btw, I can’t imagine anyone wanting a back yard like that, esp. in a very wet locale like IL.:roll:

‘Debris guards’ are not for animals, which can always squeeze into small openings.

Rather, they are intended to keep large pieces of trash, trees, etc. out of the drain pipe to help reduce the potential for a difficult to clear clogged pipe and associated flooding.

Well the ball is in her court now.
Perhaps I will call later and see what was found out.