Lot Drainage question

New construction and not familiar with seeing swales ,etc.
Neighbor tells me this is a flood area and there are underground drains from the home to this drainage area all over the place.

Downspouts,driveway drain,sump,etc,
Buyer is asking if the pit needs to be this large as it takes up half the yard.
What would be recommended here ?

Who or what kind of specialist gets called for something like this ?

The neighbor claims he is getting flooded out more since construction along the driveway side.

Looks like I will be calling out the grade under the rear deck.:wink:



I would not get involved with saying any thing .
frequently there is more then one yard that drains in to this low area.
This would not be the home for me .

If that culvert is a indication i would say it needs to left alone. How ever monitor during heavy rain is what i would recommend .

Thanks guys.
What type of expert deals with this system ?

Do not see recommending a Plumber for instance.

Wayne not that I am an expert in this but that is wide enough to allow a child to climb into. For this reason we have bars in front of all culverts like this now.

Good call dogs cats and critters would also use this path in and out of the yard

OK so nobody knows what type of specialist looks at this stuff ?

A qualified landscape contractor that specializes in landscape drainage. Which may require design from an engineer.

I agree with Roy.

A soil erosion/sediment control specialist would be someone to call but I bet that design is part of the subdivision or area requirements.

Also agree with that catch basin lid in the background.

Ok ,thanks guys.
Never see too many culverts in the city.

Do not get lots of new construction inspections either.

Tell your clients, if they don’t have any, to ask Santa for ice skates.

I suggested a giant deck…lol

In FL, those are called a retention pond / basin. They work very well for storm runoff, but that culvert needs a debris guard (grating) on it to keep the critters out.

Saw some mean looking rabbits ,however around here it might be a few raccoons or posem.


That looks like a detention basin, designed to temporarily hold surface runoff in a flood prone area. The small outlet pipe throttles down the amount of water that enters the drainage system. My question is how did this poor property owner get talked into putting this on his property? By the size of it he is taking on more water than his property generates. These detention basins are common in commercial building site work when large areas are paved (parking lots), which increases surface runoff. If this serves multiple properties, it’s my guess the city engineer had something to do with this and the property owner was compensated for it.

You seem on target.
The neighbor was not primarily English speaking but did convey something about it can’t be removed.
The buyer is purchasing after the fact on this just completed home.

What Roy C said is my thought on this also:

This would not be the home for me.

Maybe not but I hope that would be kept to yourself on a report.

OK I see where that ties in with Randy’s statement.
Defiantly will see this viewpoint faster next time.