Low ballers and tire kickers on price

I have been getting traffic to my site, visitors to my google stuff and yellow pages and even queries as to how much. There appears to be a lot of tire kickers out there in the calgary market shopping about for the lowest price they can find. It is discouraging that in some ways people consider us to be some type of low ranking on the experience process. I mean we have all taken the educational training, passed nachi finals, passed provincial finals and run the gauntlet to get approved by Service Alberta, insured, bonded, police clearance and more with getting a company up and going and you’ve got people trying to save a buck and saying "naw i think i will shop around your price seems kind of high, compared to what? A structural problem nobody saw by ACME inspectors by Wylie E Coyote? some other type of problem in the house that now will cost that person thousands to repair. I’ve been going off the NACHI price calculator and talking with a couple local long time inspectors and even with the price calculator i am probably at the low end of the scale on charging. Any thoughts or is the market becoming slow or as an article i saw alberta has now passed ontario in the number of certified house inspectors? Are there simply too many of us chasing a saturated market?

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Or it could just be other inspectors checking you out and running up your ‘pay per click’ budget!


I am with @jjonas I think you are being shopped.

One of the reasons why a consumer asks how much do you charge is because they do not know what else to ask.

Do not answer the question immediately, stall, get the address, develop a relationship etc then talk price. They need to trust and understand you!


I don’t know, I shop around for just about every significant purchase I make. You have to convince them that you are worth the premium price.


“Okay Mr/Mrs Customer… I’ll make you an offer you shouldn’t refuse. You pay my full fee, in cash, before the inspection begins. If I do not find ‘Double’ that fee amount in actual defects, (determined after my report is completed), I will refund 100% of my fee!”

“So when should we schedule your inspection for?”


Well said. You seem to have checked all the boxes with one exception, close the sale when you have them on the phone.

Don’t feed them a line of BS but teach them why you are the inspector they “need”.


Yep, they got it. :+1:


When they ask you “why are your prices so high”?
I respond “you should ask them why their prices are so cheap”


Now that you mastered being a home inspector, you now have to master your marketing.

I wouldn’t promise finding x amount of value in issues.

  1. even the best of us may need to do 3-5 consultations for a conversion. (I have 30 yrs behind me and convert 7 in 10 at my prices (which are 30+% higher than average in NY) if I have space on schedule.

  2. to get 3-5 consultations is usually a $100 marketing investment and 2 hours of your donated time in expectation to close 1 deal.

  3. what price are you charging; perhaps you are too cheap believe it or not.

  4. not to bash a pricing calculator, but I hope you are not pulling it out in front of a client…that makes them feel they are at a dealership. When they ask price is your “Q” to provide and in depth free consultation via phone… don’t start talking about yourself… talk about them and their home. Strike personal chords, create a trusting friendship and make sure they know you sleep good at night because you are meticulous for all your clients like if family, day in and day out. Ask about the home…1910 prewar, wow it must have some amazing character, can you share the address I would love to look it up right now. Oh, I can see some issues just from the online image or oh, looks amazing, now that you like it for face value I need to look under the hood etc.

  5. remind them you go above and beyond and are overqualified compared to others just passing a test. perhaps you are also termite certified, a former HVAC contractor, a landlord, have flipped prior homes, born and raised in the area, have added InterNACHI credentials, have a higher level of insurance, have several of your highest recommendations to offer them.

  6. learn about their family and pets, yes I have dogs too and they need to be safe. Oh yes I have 3 little ones as well; we need to look out for their best interest, oh you have a disabled or elderly parent going to live in the home… I will keep them in mind and do my very best on your behalf.

  7. provide your cell number, have a great personal yet professional voicemail message in place, if they are not ready to book, encourage them to call any time for any reason at their convenience. also remind them the weekends and evenings you don’t mind to work and you love to drive so almost nothing is too far for you.

  8. hit them with your price and say… I really go above and beyond and hope you get to experience the amazing service I will provide on your and your family’s behalf. Give them an idea of your upcoming and or regular schedule.

  9. if the call ends as a consultation and no sale in site, shoot them a soft text message explaining how much you enjoyed the conversation and you look forward to working on his her behalf. Tell them in the text to reply back any time with any questions it is never a bother. give them your email address as well and encourage them if deciding to schedule, to cc you with other parties so you can do your best to accommodate everyone’s availability.

  10. somewhere in all this, remind them you have an arsenal of the best tools and will not charge a red cent extra to use your moisture meters, thermal imaging, electrical testers.

  11. lastly explain how your written report is above and beyond the industry standards. clear concise and not 100 pages of fluff to the point they cant find the issues in writing that are discovered during the inspection


  1. MAKE SURE YOUR PAID MARKETING IS SOLID. If you are doing google ppc and want to close 20 inspections per month, again, expect to spend $100 per inspection, making your budget $2000 month out the box. Make sure your website is better than your competition or at least near as good.

That’s the popular response and one that I despise when I ask someone what their service will cost me. I answer the price question straight up and then follow with conversation about me, my credentials, services, etc.


Lady called me and the first thing she asked was “How much does it cost?”.

I responded, “Oh, about a million”.

I got the job because she liked my response and I made GREAT $ on the inspection. :rofl:


thats funny Larry

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