Main panel question

House built in '47. Main disconnect was on one side of garage wall (100 amp, I believe), as seen in first pic. On the other side of the garage was the other panel, as seen in second pic. Now, this other panel would be considered a sub-panel, correct?

1st picture: Looks like an electric disconnect for an AC compressor or dryer or similar.

2nd picture: Looks like the main electric panel. If you look at the 50Amp breaker on the left side that looks like it feeds your first picture.

On a side note, I always comment when a neutral is not installed underneath its own screw on the bus bar.
Comment in report (borrowed from several sources on this board):
**Electric panel—**Neutral wire and a ground wire were attached underneath the same screw. Safety hazard. More than one “grounded conductor” (neutral /white) wire per screw on the neutral bus bar (double tapped/lugged). Each “grounded conductor” is supposed to have it’s very own screw on the bus bar, no other “grounded conductor” or “ungrounded conductor” (bare copper wire) should be under the screw with the “grounded conductor”. Recommend repair by a licensed electrician.

The correct term is Distribution panel, not sub panel.


Your observation may be correct, but is not conclusive. I would hope that Joshua knows enough about the electric system to know that that is the service disconnect. If he is correct, then the distribution panel is improperly bonded, as there are neutrals and grounds on the same bar. If you are right, then the other box is improperly bonded. I would go with Joshua that the first box is the service disconnect, but only he was there to know for sure.

Andrew -
Wouldn’t the proper term be “grounding conductor” (bare wire) - not “ungrounded conductor” (this is the linefeed wire)?

I’m with Andrew on this one, right pic is the main panel with main breaker installed at the top and left pic is a service disconnect. Ya’ll are right too tho, we are kinda guessing, but until message boards support more than pictures, that’s pretty much all we have to go on! The conductors coming into the top of the panel pictured on the right are suspiciously new looking (kinda like the ones coming what appears to be out of the panel on the left), also everything is bonded to everything else – again the suspicion of a main panelboard. Quick question, what size wire is attached to the 50 amp breaker in the panel on the right, and conversely, what sized wire is feeding the panel on the left. Might be outside of some folks comfort zone, but I might be inclined throw a meter across the black and red in the panel on the left then throw the 50 amp breaker in the panel on the right and see what happens – I know, I know, let the flames begin…. Sorry had to… What size breaker was the top one in the picture on the right?