Major leakage from disconnected dryer vent acting as water distiller

I observed one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen on an inspection. Water was dripping heavily from the ceiling of a basement bathroom, and upon looking through the ceiling joists, I could not see any leakage from the ceiling above, but saw water dripping from a disconnected dryer vent run under the floor from the laundry room above.

This may have been also from the fan duct as well, but the leakage was mainly coming from around the fan.

I do report vents from exhaust fans and such with dips in them as defects, but have never seen a duct be this effective as a water distiller.

It seems to me the only solution would be to use a seamless vent and make sure it has a steady pitch down to the discharge point outside of the house.

Anyone else have similar experiences with this bizarre issue?

20120722- 281.jpg

20120722- 281.jpg

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If picture 3 is the Dryer vent, it is a defective installation.
Semi-Rigid piping is “Transition” and should not be concealed within walls and ceilings…
Water will commonly leak (from a joint, damaged low point, pipe connection, etc…) if the vent is blocked…
Up to 1 gallon of water is removed by the Dryer with each washload. If not exiting the exterior of the home as Vapor… it will leak within the home as Water…
See it all the time…

That makes sense, Joseph, appreciate the reply.

The really interesting thing was that this duct was entirely disconnected. There was no dryer present, it was simply condensation of moisture from the relatively stagnant (and quite humid) air on the metal.

No leakage was observed earlier in the inspection, though I did notice water stains on the floor, which I first thought had probably been due to a toilet overflow or some such at some time.

I looked for a plumbing leak at first, as I first noticed active leakage after water was run. But evidently it had more to do with the AC having been run, thereby increasing the relative humidity in the basement as the air cooled on the very humid day.

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