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Ben, I sent you an email asking for access to the 3D training to participate in the Home Energy Score Program. I have completed all the prerequisites.


Getting Michelle to contact you now…

Hi Charles,

Thanks for inquiring about the home energy program!

To become a Home Energy Assessor you must:
-be an InterNACHI-Certified Home Energy Inspector (online & free for members);
-complete the 3D-house training (online & free for members); and
-agree to participate in a Quality Assurance Plan with other local Home Energy Inspector (free for members).

I checked our system and saw that you have completed the CPI and Home Energy Inspector requirements!

Could you please email the following items to me at****:
-Your full name
-Email address
-Business or company name
-Phone number
-Full address

I will then submit your information to the Department of Energy who will direct you to the 3D-house training program and exam. In the meantime, could you invite any other inspectors in your area that would want to become an assessor as well and have them to email me to get started? Once you both complete the training and pass the exam, you two will need to work together to fulfill the Quality Assurance portion of the requirements (#3 above).

For more information, please visit:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Michelle Thakur
Education, Events Coordinator, Student Services

What happens when there are no inspectors in the area willing to participate?

Email Michelle at She will contact (email & call) inspectors within a 20-mile radius and invite them to participate in the program in cooperation with you.