Making Money with Infrared for Home Inspectors Webinar with the House Detective




Home Inspection Infrared Webinar Presented by, Steve Ramos, HGTV’s The House Detective

Learn the secrets to infrared success from Steve Ramos , Certified Home Inspector for Envirovue Home Inspection based in Petaluma, Ca. and nationally recognized expert & spokesperson for HGTV’s “The House Detective”, the value of infrared inspection.

Featured Topics:

 * Diversify for Maximum Profitability 
 * Using Technology to reduce liability 
 * Writing Up the Exceptions 
 * Real Case Studies Presented 
 * Pricing Your Services for Profit 
 * 3 Keys to Marketing Success 



Does any one know any thing about this .
Has any one taken this traing sesion .

Hey Roy-

I delivered about 10 of these live presentations from October thru December in 2007. On average, 40-50 inspectors would attend. The feedback I received was extremely positive. The common thread for suggestions for improvement were that home inspectors wanted more information. There is only so much you can do in 90 minutes. I will be developing several other modules to complete the cycle. This webinar is focused on “marketing or making money” with the technology.

Here are some comments from this board from members who attended last year:

“I saw Steve speak last week at the WAHI fall conference in La Crosse, WI last Saturday. He did a fine job and is worth the listen. IMHO He discussed several pricing strategies for being successful with TI. He also shared a case where the use of the TI saved him from a potential liability claim against him.”

Michael Larson

“I made it to the Dec 5th lecture. I have to say it was well worth the hours of driving I had to do. I got valuable information, and got to shake Steve Ramos’ hand. Told him my 5 year old son loves when he points out dead things found in crawl spaces. I recommend this to other IR newbies. - tom”

Tom Dietrich

Right now I’m breezing over a handbook I received when I went to an usptate New York presentation he did. Very well put together. It would tie in well I think with what John McK. is putting together and all.

  1. Learn it

  2. Market It

  3. and what ever else someone can put together

There’s alot going on with the learning and I think this is a plus.

Good luck Steve.


$100;00 for 90 minutes , to me does not seem to compare to John MC 16 hours for $500;00 . Will see after this week end.


Maybe-maybe not. But up until someone comes along with something better it’s his game.

Flir 3.5 days = $1,700 all the nuts and bolts

McKenna and Co. = $500 not the nuts and bolts, just the stuff I need.

So far it makes sense

Steve Ramos = $99 on how to market it

Somebody else = ???

If I swing John’s and Steve’s way, I’m about $1,100 ahead of the game. And if someone has a better way than Steve’s, even better. So for right now if you have the items and are looking for a new way to open up your market. Or as some may think, it’s about a dollar a minute.

Have fun this weekend.


Steve, I can’t attend this meeting but if I have more notice I would definatelly sign up. Anything after that date?

There will be more events. I just don’t have planned dates. There will be more notice for the next event(s).

Can you set something up in the evening so it doesn’t interfere with scheduling inspections? I don’t mind giving up an afternoon inpsection, but the time you have kills my whole day.

I took the seminar in Denver with Steve and it was great.

Hi Steve,

We met at the IR Conference you did in Woburn on December 4th, 2007.

***“How to…increase average revenue per job, reduce liability, and provide a professional and comprehensive report to customers by using infrared in home inspection”. ***

I’ll bet you can’t remember me. Can you?

You did a great job there (in Woburn), and your particular conference is what made me go out and order my infrared camera. Before your course, I’ve been procrastinating on purchasing the infrared camera until I could accumulate additional information on IR inspections.

I am now a Level 1 Thermographer and I’m enjoying the hell out of this technology. Thank you for your advice.

Thanks David Valley. I am delighted that you are finding success with the technology. I know it has changed my business for the better in ways I never imagined.

Wow! A big thanks to John and Will , what a great way to learn .
first time I have ever done this and it is working extremely well no long distance traveling .
No hotel room and the service from my wife bringing coffee is great.
I would recommend this to others.
Questions are easy to ask and get answer,s for.
Course is well laid out and well explained .

Thanks again…Cookie

Thanks David Valley. I am delighted that you are finding success with the technology. I know it has changed my business for the better in ways I never imagined.


The purpose of these two educational offerings is totally different.

One is technique. **
One is How to market and make money doing IR and reduce overall liability as a HI.

Steve did his presentation well when I heard him speak at WAHI last November.

If you have questions on the potential of IR for your home inspection business then attend Steve’s presentation.

If you have already purchased and need to get training in technique, take John and Will’s course. But you also may benefit from Steve’s.

Different offerings for different needs.

Each participant must make his own determination on the value of each.

As someone around often says: Hope this helps:-)

Knowing nothing of Steve’s Presentation I can not report on it .
But having spent 8 years as a Home Inspector I am very satisfied with my Marketing skills .
I have also managed to avoid any liabilities so I guess I am doing some thing correct.
My post was talking about the presentation by Will and John and how great the system they used is.
No traveling no Hotel rooms and a reasonable cost.
These I feel are all a big plus.