Manufacture date of Maytag

I am trying to find out the manufacture date for my Maytag:

Performa PAV3200 AWW
Serial Number 10848427WZ

Does anyone have a main contact number for the manufacturer where I could reach a person? We have moved and have some of our info in boxes…

Thank you so much for your help!

Maytag what?

Furnace or Boiler?

Probably washer, dryer or fridge.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Maytag toll-free at
(866) 533-9817 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at

That’s what I thought…

I am sorry - it is a washing machine…thank you for any and all help! :slight_smile:

Maytag Date Codes

The breakdown for Maytag Serial Numbers is:

1st Alpha Character (9th position) = Year Manufactured
2nd Alpha Character (10th position) = Month Manufactured
Maytag (USA) - 12 Year Cycling Code
Code Year Year
E 1980 2004
G 1981 2005
J 1982 2006
L 1983 2007
N 1984
P 1985
R 1986
T 1987
V 1988
X 1989
B 1990
D 1991
F 1992
H 1993
K 1994
M 1995
Q 1996
S 1997
U 1998
W 1999
Y 2000
Z 2001
A 2002
C 2003

Maytag Month Code
Code Year
A January
B January
C February
D February
E March
F March
G April
H April
J May
K May
L June
M June
N July
Q July
P August
S August
R September
U September
T October
W October
V November
Y November
X December
Z December

So by this it would be Dec 1999

The date of your machine mfg. Is dec 1999