Many thanks to Nathan Thornberry for helping with our huge event last night.

Nathan flew down to help Ben with our Ft. Lauderdale event last night. Thanks Nathan!

Many other members helped too. When we have so many members that are willing to come early or stay late and help during a big event, it makes everything go so much smoother. Help like that is a blessing and very much appreciated.

Good for Nathan and all the others who helped out .
They all make things easier .

I sometimes kinda miss going to those chapter meetings and seminars.

Was that held at a retirement home? That looks like Florida.

Awesome program you guys are rolling out!! Many thanks!!
Great to be there, and Ben and Nate were great!!
Thanks for the drinks too, Nate.
Super Nice Place, on the beach :D.
BTW is this the forum for the training on the new program?