Masonry buildings and efflorescence

Just a few examples of classif efflorescence patterns in older brick buildings.

  1. A classic efflorescence pattern, at least around here, and seen in older and new brick and brick veneer houses. Water entering through the stone window sill and draining into the brick below. Caused by lack of flashing under the stone sill. A quick and inexpensive fix is to seal the sill with a 50 / 50 mixture of linseed oil and terpentine.

  2. Water entering through the stone trim.

  3. Self-imposed water intrusion with a classic efflorescence pattern (radiating down and outward). Sometimes, the owner puts the gun in their own mouth, wouldn’t you say? Source of the water? :mrgreen:

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Thanks for the info William.

Even in high rises they let them drip on the exterior wall covering causing issues.
I always point it out when they forget to install an internal drain system for condensate.


Re-written with different pictures (from our area), some new diagrams (feel free to swipe) and based upon what we are seeing in Chicago.

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Hope this helps;