"Melting" Siding Question

A woman contacted me in regards to her siding. She said that last spring some new townhouses were put up directly behind her, and ever since then, her siding has “melted”. It’s on the North face of the house, and it covers a large portion of the wall. She seems to think it’s from the windows on the new houses reflecting light. I’m wondering if it could be overly-tight fasteners causing buckling when it heats up? What are your thoughts – see pic.

She said she’s out of warranty and that the builder is only willing to replace the windows in the house behind her with ones that have “capillary tubes” in them to prevent reflection? I’ve never heard of this, but please enlighten me.

I haven’t done an inspection for her or anything…she’s just looking for some direction because she’s thinking this will end up in a legal battle.

It is caused by the sun reflection from other windows directing light to this area.
Dual paned windows can act as a prism and cause damage to to siding in other reflected areas (same home or neighboring home).
It is not uncommon. I see it often.

Vinyl siding sux to begin with (IMO). This is just another reason why :smiley:

Better than Stucco (your market may vary).





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What Jeffery said.


although there is some stucco that is worse than plastic siding

in my humble opinion

I agree In Canada any way. Never seen a proper stucco Installation .

Thank you for all of your responses, and thank you, Roy, for the links.

Better than Stucco

Interesting subject. I have never personally come across this, but now know what it is if I ever do. Thanks guys.

How close does the neighbor house have to be to do this , I never seen either, Very interesting indeed

Just never forget the number one cause of melted siding…


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