Members only section

Is anyone else’s member only section not working. It keeps saying I have to join . or its disabled

It is working just fine. Are you a member? if not, then you need to join to gain access to the members only section.

Yes i am a member i have logged out logged back cleared history still cant get in

I have been running into the same issues… I have tried logging out and back in with no luck.

Hi folks -

I’m looking into this right now.



I have been having the same issues since Thursday night.

If you have some free time can u look into my account too?

Thank you sir!!!

John Taylor

I have been having the same problem with the message board since late Thursday night.

Any chance you can look at my account whenever you get a free moment.

Thank you sir!

John Taylor

Thanks Tim

Eric, under your name it says you are not a member.

I know it says that but i am Nick and Lisa have been notified and dispached a note to Tim to work on it

Alright, folks, it should be fixed for you now! Sorry about the bug - I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again, but if it does email me directly at and I’ll make the fix again.


Whoo Hooo got rid of that red stripe

Thanks Tim. I couldn’t fix it.