metal covered fascia

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any thoughts on this. Divosta built single family home, concrete flat tile roof, Metal covered fascia boards ( no visible area of the wood, they wrap up between the soffit and fascia.
There is staining at most of the metal lap joints and even some staining and mold growth at the inside edge of the fascia to soffit seam. the area is fairly easily viewed from the attic and there is no staining on the roof substrate.
It does have gutters (nailed).

They look like but joints not lap joints in the pictures.I could be wrong.What is the question.How to write it up.Or repair them.

Actually just wondering what the cause of the staining could be if it was not a roof leak at the eve edge.

I am tired .I think its rust.It is a metal that has been wielded together.I am just guessing at the bond for to me it looks like a but joint (2 ends that meet flush).A lap joint would (over lap)each other by a standard length of (x) inches etc for that material and length of…But joint have to be joined together by some means and this looks like wielded jointing separated and the material its made of rusting…I will give it a good going over tomorrow.
Hope I helped.

Is it possible that water is wicking up from the edge?


We will take these elements for what they are and consider where they are placed and you should come up with a conclusion.
The building is moving.All buildings do, and as the whole building moves strains are loaded on elements of the structure and the strain from the movement caused the seams in the metal facade fascia to crack and expose the untreated metal.the moisture in the air and rain in-turn started the deterioration process,rust.Thats what I see.
Flat roof holding water moss spores land in water and moss grows and mold in places without sunlight and through ventilation.
This is what I see from the pictures and explanation.I really hope I narrowed it down.