Meter stand & exterior panel

I would like to better understand a specific situation or installation that occasionally comes up in my area. Thanks in advance! @rmeier2

Meter stand with service disconnect in front yard near street. (post 2008 install, new construction)

Next, we have a panel at the exterior of the home. The feeders from the meter stand enter here & it happens to have a disconnect also. Is this second disconnect required since the meter stand is away from the structure or is it just a convenience?

Now, this exterior panel (sub panel?) was installed as if it was the service equipment. The neutral is bonded to the grounding (green screw & electrode from ground rod terminating at neutral buss)

On this particular install, the 4th (grounding) conductor from the meter stand does not enter this panel. I have no clue where the other end is.

I feel the installer was confused since there is a disconnect at the meter stand, upstream from what is typically the service equipment panel at the exterior.

Note: For pre-2008, I understand that there are only 3 feeders from the meter stand disconnect (first disconnect) to the exterior panel attached to the home & this downstream panel is where the bonding occurs since there are only 3 conductors feeding from the first disconnect.

Assuming this is post 2005 NEC the panel at the house is required to be fed from a 4-wire feeder and have the EGC’s and neutrals separate. Also the neutral must not be bonded at the separate structure. A disconnecting means at the separate structure is also required so typically a main CB in the panel is used. A separate structure also requires a GES (grounding electrode system) which can be two ground rods, metallic water pipe or CEE (concrete encased electrode). The GEC from the CEE gets connected to the EGC bus not the neutral.

The conductors in photo #2 do not appear to be the same as the ones on photo #4.

Thank you! That clears much of this up for me & helps me get the date correct (2005) & acronyms right (which I tend to mix up). I too think the conductors are different. The builder swears that was the meter for the home.
Since I knew some things were incorrect but could not properly describe them,
I documented improper installation & recommended evaluation, positive identification of meter & correction by a qualified electrician.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust the builder’s word but there is no way that the conductors exiting the service disconnect at the meter are the same conductors that are in the panel.

Oh no, you are correct in your assessment. The neutral cable in the meter stand photo clearly has a yellow line & none of the cables in the panel have a yellow line.
I went back to re-inspect this home yesterday. They moved the GEC from the neutral bus, however, they left the green bonding screw in place & there was still only a 3 wire feed from the meter stand disconnect. Their electrician did not positively identify which of the 3 meters at the meter stand was for this residence. (2 of the 3 disconnects at the above pictured meter stand had only 3 feeders leaving the CB below the meter.)