Meth Rehab: Former labs a nightmare for unwitting homebuyers

Meth Rehab: Former labs a nightmare for unwitting homebuyers

Soon after John Bates and his wife moved into their first home, the euphoria of realizing the American Dream gave way to a nightmare of foul odors, unexplained illnesses and spiraling costs.

A standard home inspection had revealed no problems with the home, in Suquamish, Wash., near Seattle. Bates, a Navy veteran and pipe fitter, and wife Jessie were thrilled to get the home on a 2-acre lot for $235,000, and they moved in with their then-7-year old son, Tyler, in March 2007. But soon after, the boy developed breathing problems, John Bates became “perpetually sick” and Jessie Bates developed strange skin rashes. It was a mystery until a year and a half later, when a neighbor casually mentioned what the previous occupant did for a living…

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That is pretty scary stuff. With new paint and carpet, how are we to even know if it is there and how are we to test for it? I have inspected a few foreclosures where it is in the back of my mind, but you really never know.

With Iowa being a farming state and anhydrous ammonia at one time being a key ingredient in meth, we were tagged as the “meth capital of the world” with how much was being produced. They have since changed how anhydrous is manufactured and controlled how pseudoephedrine is sold so hopefully we can give that title to someone else. Almost any time that you pay attention while driving down a gravel road you will see five gallon buckets laying in the ditch. These buckets are typically throw there by the dirtsacks after they are done cooking their meth.

With all of this in mind, it might be a good time to update my PIA to exclude meth as well.

Yeah I think it sucks that my wife and I cannot buy enough nasal decongestant for the family unless we are together with id.

The problem could easily be fixed if they allowed doctors to write scripts for it just like acid meds or any other.

You get ID’d to breath but no sweat when I have a dental procedure and need pain meds.

Your doctor can write you a script for Claritin-D. Your insurance won’t pay for it, but you can get a 90 day supply that way.

I’m going to carefully look at my PIA and put something in there about illegal drug activity I think.

Not according to my Doc and Pharmacist here in Florida.

It is un friggin believable.

They actually scan my Drivers License when i purchase it. It makes me feel like a junky just because I want the type of decongestant that works.

All the time and money wasted is incredible and I believe our State has yet again way overstepped their responsibility and rights while stomping all over my rights.

Florida is one screwed up place. The way things are done here.

ESA offers a pretty good home study course on the subject.

same up here they put your license number in a book for it too. Got to go up to the window to buy it. About 2 years or so ago, you could buy it right off the shelf no any more.