Meth Testing Service

Does anyone out there have experience offering methamphetamine testing as part of their inspection services? I have a request for it, but don’t know the first thing. Thanks!

I would pass on it. There is no way that you can test every inch of the house for meth.

What happens if their new born crawls along and ingests some of it that was missed?

Or, find someone that does it and see if you can glom onto their agreement to read and see if your attorney agrees that there is no way that you could be sued or be found negligent by using it.

Personally, it would not be worth my health nd time to do it. YMMV

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Check with your E&O provider first. Mine does not cover it so I passed.

I agree with Larry. Not worth the health and liability to do it.

A toddler that crawls across the carpeted floor of what was once a meth lab will pick up chemical residue on their hands that could contain lethal quantities. No limited liability inspection agreement or typical ambiguously worded inspection report will save you from the civil and legal prosecutions that would follow. Mr. Kage has given you good advice. I hope you take it.

Thanks, Jim…and, I’m Larry…please use my first name if you so desire. :smile:

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I don’t care what it pays I’m not testing their meth…

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Thank you for the sound advice and prompt responses. I see your point and agree. Better safe than sorry.