Midwest housing market picking up; slightly


It’s very busy here.

very busy here… never really slowed down. In fact housing prices havent really changed much either… there are just way more foreclosures than there used to be

I thought you would enjoy the documentation of how the banks and lenders are holding up most loan applications. Back in 2007, there were an average of over 1,600 new homes built per month. Now it is only 370 per month. With an overall area of 2 million people, that is almost nothing.

It is going to be a long time before sales come back here in KC. Inspectors down south are busy, as baby boomers are retiring and moving south. There is a foreclosure home almost on every block. I was in Desoto, KS the other day, and counted 5 on one street.

Update from the South: The Carolinas are seeing a surge in buyers (finally) so things are picking up. There are several “Active Adult” communities in the area that actually never slowed down as Boomers have been settling here.

Inspections stayed fairly steady since buyers of foreclosures were coming out of the wood work asking for home inspections. I am glad to see other parts of the country picking up momentum in both home sales and home inspections.

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My cousin is from Stevens Point, WI. They have been especially hurt with the economy taking a down turn in 07-08. A town of about 25,000, had two paper mills close down which all but killed the need for new houses. It is not the case here in the south. Boeing just moved several hundred employees to Houston, the energy sector is thriving, and baby boomers like our weather all year round. All of these combined to keep our market in pretty good shape. However, some areas with in the metropolitan area are still better off than others.