Minimum br window size?

**Can anyone tell me what the minimum size for a bedroom window can be to be considered an egress? I did an inspection today with a bedroom window 12”x17”. It is a 1955 home and the buyers are applying for an FHA loan. I am not sure FHA will consider a window this size adequate. **


  1. Sill not more than 44” above floor.
  2. Minimum of 5.7 square feet (second floor) clear opening.
  3. Minimum of 5.0 square feet (grade level).
  4. Minimum height clears opening 24”.
  5. Minimum width 20” clearing opening.

5.7sqft — Maxfloor to sill 44” — min wide 20” — min tall 24”

If the window is 20" wide it would have to be taller than 24" to reach the minimun square foot. Same applies to the height to width measurements.

Thanks guys! I knew the answer was here on the message board.

The answer’s always here Allen. Trust me on this one. lol I’ve had great help from some of the best around the country here and usually within a hour or less.