Minneapolis Blower Door System

I am the original owner of the system and I bought it mid 2010.

Used Minneapolis Blower Door System For Sale
Model 3 110V System with Aluminum Frame and DG-700 Digital Gauge (300-6,300 CFM)
Includes: Cruise Control with Fan Control Cable
TECTITE Test Analysis Software and USB Communication
Aluminum Frame and Nylon Panel Designed to fit 8’ Door
Zippered Cordura Fan Case/ Fabric Velcro Carry Case
Everything is intact in this system. The digital gauge is due for calibration which can be done through The Energy Conservatory for a price of $75.00.
There is surface rust on the screws but does not affect operation whatsoever.
Can meet in Chattanooga or ship at your cost.
Contact me at alexquarles@yahoo.com
Price is firm!

Any idea what you are asking $$ ?

$75.00, can’t you read!!! :wink:

That’s what I was hoping but I’d guess it’s more.

Read it again and get back to us on the price. :roll:

$75 is just to Calibrate the gauge.

Isn’t the $75 price just to calibrate the gauge?

That is why David posted ;).