Missing mortar and loose blocks

I’m going back-and-forth on this foundation. It’s definitely an older foundation from an old house, however several bricks were found to be loose and and I’ve never been a Mason but it’s my opinion that the mortar is incomplete.what are your thoughts?

Could it be a dry stacked concrete block wall?


Maybe however I just read that article and it says “You simply stack the concrete blocks in a running bond pattern and then parge coat both sides with a single layer of fiber reinforced, surface bonding cement”. However neither side had a parge coat, only a little mortar in a few places.

Any photos of the exterior?

Looks like a crawlspace, so how high are the blocks stacked and is there a footing underneath? More pictures of the area would help.

is that a manufactured home ???

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Bottom line, other than a few loose bricks, the wall appears to be doing its job from the few pictures. It must have a footing to have lasted this long. I would note the non-conventional construction and the loose bricks (perhaps minor repair). If the client is concerned, they can have a specialist look at it.

I feel as though it is our primary job to simply report the facts, not ring alarm bells. The only time to make noise is when it is a significant safety issue.

No its a stick built home

Looks like it’s doing it’s job.


I concur with members stating those CMU appear to be Interlocking or dry stack concrete blocks.
Observation: Dry stack CMU - concrete blocks.
Prior repairs with masonry.
Loose CMU’s.
No visible vapour barrier system above grade.
Refer to a licensed CMU masonry foundation contractor for further review.
Act upon any referrals offered.