mold cleaning

Cool,no pun intended, show on Mike Holmes today, they are cleaning up a grow house and they used dry ice blasting on the under side of the roof deck to clean the mold off. Pretty neat A?

Holmes on Homes show? If so, that guy is great…Make it right! Man he is a NACHI member at large and doesn’t even know it!



Similar to sandblasting without the clean-up after the job is done.

Didn’t see the show but did they sample before and after to evaluate whether the “clean-up” was effective and eradicated the mold?

Some of the methods used on affected materials can exacerbate and spread mold spores to unaffected materials and areas.

they did sample before and removed & replaced all Sheetrock insulation etc proper remediation company dry ice does a nice clean up in the attic even removes micro layer of wood, what was scary was the electrical hookups these characters drilled or bored large holes into foundation to hook up to main power by themselves good grief canadian hydro estimated stolen power at 40.000


Thanks for the link, interesting. Never ceases to amaze me the technology advancements made in the home industry.


Saw it, and I was left asking, why drive viable mold airborne?

Since I missed part of the process, did they do something to prevent the spreed of the spores to other parts of the house?


I missed it also.I am assuming they quarantined the area off and used air scrubbers exhausting out a window. This method traps and draws the spores. Pretty cool stuff!


Thats neat!

Good info!

Hi Guys! I do dry ice blasting for mould (mold). The affected area is under containment with negative air. We also use air scrubbers to pick up air Bourne particulate. If working in a confined space with dry ice you need supplied air.
Cheers! Doug