Mold in a closed up house

A good friend of mine is buying a house that he really likes. I did an inspection for him in October. The seller is very dirty, smokes in the house, drinks all day and night, insects everywhere, just not a very clean place. Despite all of this, my buddy still wants the house. So tonight he goes to do the final walk through, and low and behold, there is no power on and the house has been closed up since October. So there is what my friend calls mold all over the furniture, but that is all he can really see, because the power is out and it is night time. So he calls me up to ask what to do about the mold. I assume that once you clean it up and get the air conditioning going, everything should be good, but I don’t really want to tell him this, and have him come up with health problems because of something that I didn’t think about. What do you guys think? What all is involved with a true clean up for something like this? I appreciate any help you guys can give me. We are in Florida by the way, and have had absolutely no winter, do I’m sure it’s been really humid inside this house.

Refer to a mold specialist , Mold can be spread and made worst if the clean up is done properly

I agree this needs an expert to do it properly .

Do not make the decision let him get a Professional to make the decisions

About 2 years ago I had to go to the hospital from entering a place just like .(Mold intoxication).
I was in there only 15 min. before I discover the mold . I did smell it. All walls, ceilings and carpet was covered in it.
15 min was all it took. I was not over it for about 2 months. It was like double phenomena. Not a very good thing.
I would never consider buying a place like that . I don’t think it can all be removed.

It can be removed/air levels reduced if you employ competent remediators.
If it’s on the furniture there is probably elevated air conditions, sounds like the typical penicillium/aspergillus.
The AC system is most likely contaminated also.
Call if you want more info. 954-326-2679

<<MG>> State Lic Mold Assessor # MRSA1573 :slight_smile:

Travis, you should get someone specifically trained in mold assessment/remediation. It it was a relatively small area, he could take care of it himself. I would imagine being closed up a couple months, no AC, and other factor contribute to the condition.

I think Marc Goldenberg is in or close to your area. you should give him a call.

Thanks Michael but 213 miles away is a little out of my service area. :wink:

Sounds like the place needs UV/Hepa Filtered air scrubbers, AC coil cleaning including duct-work,
“bio-wash” on all non porous surfaces-wall-floors-etc.
A heavy dry cleaning on furniture (porous surfaces if not throwing them out).
Then air clearance sampling to prove the work was successful.

Let’s say it’s approx 2500 sq ft, estimate $4200.

**Please Note:
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