Mold inspector needed in Naples, FL:
1:48 AM (6 hours ago)

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Gentlemen or Madam,

  Would you do us the kind favor of recommending a good honest InterNACHI mold expert in the Naples/ Marco Island, Florida area?  

  We had some slight water intrusion into our condo when Hurricane Irma struck last September. The entire condo was found to have normal moisture levels with the exception of the second bedroom which had a slightly higher than normal reading in one small corner of the bedroom. We sincerely believe the testing company hired by the condo association is greatly exaggerating the problem as well as recommending extreme measures to counter a thin line of black mold on the bottom of a baseboard 1 1/2 feet long in our second bedroom.  The environmental testing service found normal spores and normal levels of moisture in the condo with a humidity rating of 46.  The entire second bedroom was found to be completely dry by the owner of the testing service.  We are in the midst of getting an anticipated costly estimate from the remediation personnel.  This even quite possibly sounds like a job the owner could do himself as pointed out in your website.  We have had a number of people staying in our condo for up to a week or so at a time and there have been no complaints regarding air quality.  We have a de-humidifier which keeps the humidity at around 45 to 50.  Perhaps you have some further thoughts on the matter on how we can assure the problem is resolved based on the facts,  not exaggerated recommendations.

 Thank you for your input. 

                Michael D. Doshan   4/25/18