MOLD Post-Clearance Testing???

**Just was informed that a remediation company performed a remediation job and also performed his own post-clearnce testing to get paid. ](*,)-X

****My understanding all along is: **Post-remediation clearance testing should never be performed by the removal contractor waiting to get paid for his work. The Mold Assessor that performed the initial screening and testing is the person that should perform the Post-remediation clearance testing to determine if the remediation performed by the contractor was effective.

[FONT=Arial Narrow]If you are a Mold Assessor in the State of Florida what is your take on this??:roll:[/FONT]

I am not in Florida, but I believe it is against Florida state law. At least that is what Russell told me in an earlier thread.

Also according to AIHA Guideline 3-2004
“To avoid a conflict of interest, individuals should not have a stake in both the assessment and remediation firms working on the same project.”