Mom: Mold Killed My 2 Year Old

The El Paso County Coroner still doesn’t know why a two year old Colorado Springs boy died suddenly.
The boy’s mother, Chilla Connor, is convinced her son died from mold growing inside their apartment.
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11 News tried calling the owner of the apartment complex but we weren’t able to reach him. We even stopped by his home but he wasn’t there.
A mold inspector, Ken Warden who’s the owner of Peak Home Inspections, visited Chilla Connor’s home Sunday evening. Warden said he found a shocking amount of mold right next to the boy’s bedroom.
Ken Warden said, “If mold is not taken care of, it’ll eat your house.”
Warden began testing inside and out of Connor’s home.
“Inside the walls, who knows what’s in there”, said Warden.
But when he opened up the closet door which sits right next to two year old Jovian’s room, there was no question that the black spots Warden was looking at was mold growing furiously over the walls.
“All homes have mold spores. Everybody has them but when there’s a higher count, that’s when people get sick.”
Spore levels will need to be tested in order to find out if the mold inside the home is toxic or not.
Chilla Connor said she’s desperate to find out why a week ago her healthy two year old boy died mysteriously in his sleep.
She believes the mold in her home is toxic and is the reason why Jovian died.
Connor believes the mold began to grown after a water main break flooded her home last August.
“It leaked all the way from my bedroom, all the way throughout to the living room and my kid’s bedroom”, said Connor.
Connor says she and her kids have been sick ever since suffering from colds and sinus infections. But what she wants now, are answers and justice.
Again, we don’t know if the mold in her home is toxic or not. Peak Home Inspections will have the results back with-in 48 hours.