MONTANA Legislation Update

NAHI now has a physometrically validated test for state licensure and I’ll bet NACHI can too. That helps keep any one groups influence to a minimum.

I agree with this statement. If NHIE is at the core of every piece of ASHI legislation, and the only non-subjective reasoning behind the validity of this test is that it is supposedly psychometrically validated, then we should probably do the same.

NACHI adopts improved entrance exam

June 2nd, 2004
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors has adopted a new and improved entrance examination. The new (5th) version is the result of the work of many industry experts combined with the enormous amount of data collected from previous versions over the years NACHI tracked the pass/fail rate of all 2,837,520 answers given to date. The stats page was reset on June 2nd, 2004. Among the many improvements made are:

  • Removal of all humor (Note: humor did not affect scoring in previous versions).
  • Removal of all “gimmies” (Note: gimmies did not affect scoring in previous versions).
  • Removal of all references to NACHI (it now has no association bias).
  • Removal of a default chosen answer. The exam now requires you to make a choice, even if a guess, before moving on to the next question (Note: default answers did not affect scoring in previous versions).
  • Addition of questions referencing recent changes in the industry (such as arc-fault circuit interrupters).
  • Addition of more questions dealing with occupant safety (part of our risk reduction efforts).
  • Lowering of weight given to questions dealing with subjects outside our Standards of Practice (such as mold)
  • Better weighting of questions based on importance (other exams count every question and every answer equally).
  • Addition of extra security and recovery improvements for proctored versions (used by Community Colleges and inspection schools).
  • Clearer display of question by question live-time pass/fail rates (as you take the exam).
  • Increased depth of categorization (which creates a truer personal-weakness pie chart upon completion).
  • Increase in statistical difficulty (much tougher to pass, despite being open book).
    Like past versions, version 5.0 will be audited for psycometric validity. NACHI thanks all who continue to make our entrance exam an integral part of our membership requirements.
    For more detailed answers to questions about our new entrance exam visit:
    Take the exam now.

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