My latest book: SLEEP WELL: A Home Inspector's Guide to Managing Risk is at the..

My latest book: “SLEEP WELL: A Home Inspector’s Guide to Managing Risk” is at the editor’s desk. After Kate is done proofing it, we’ll release it here.

It will be free.

When will your “SLEEP WELL” will be release ?I am looking for it

I look forward to it!

Nick’s new book, “SLEEP WELL: A Home Inspector’s Guide to Managing Risk,” should be released by the end of next week! :slight_smile:

At first, it will be in a downloadable PDF folks.

After that we’ll lay it out like a real book and publish it so that you have something to take to the restroom. :wink:

Why not put it I Kindle format. THEN I would take it to the bathroom :wink:

I enjoyed your last STACKS book, I look forward to this book! Thanks Nick!!

Editing is all done (by Kate) and it’s being laid out into book form (by Jessica) now. Book cover being designed (by Alexa).

TAny chance it will be ready for the Texas convention next month. Great place to kick it off, even a book signing

I can’t wait for this, Nick.

I think a lot of people just get a bad taste in their mouth or just yawn when they hear “risk management”. But that’s because we only ever hear about it in the media or in conversation after something bad has happened.

The best risk management is risk prevention though. And if you’re actively preventing risk, you’re protecting your business, respecting yourself, and respecting your clients.

Book cover done:

Here it is: