My mail box was full

Red hat and material arrived today thanks Nick I will return the favor:D

Someone will be on the prowl tonight.

Nic, Brand new Red Hat Charley, time to break it in. :):wink:

Marcel does new red hat for Charley mean now the younger ones will be hollering at him?

PS. Hope you and wife are doing well

With Charley, they all come out on the balcony to check out his charm. :mrgreen::wink:

Charley we need an action shot wearing the red hat. The membership wants to see it :slight_smile:

I don’t know if anyone of the dirty dozen ever caught that photo when he was in action. ;):slight_smile:

He paid for the publishing rights for all the photos.:wink:

The only action shot ya get is me on a roof:mrgreen::wink:

Thanks Jeff all doing good on the home front hope you are keeping Dale lined out

The easy answer Marcel is NO:D

As you can see Charley started young.

Red is your color!

I did at that in 11 days I will have been in the official work force (Paying taxes)for 50 years

I broke that new red hat in today Nice commercial job sorry troy this is all you get:D:p

Looking good there young man. :):wink: