My Office - New Office

Hey Guys,

Could not find the post on home offices…but I just moved mine into another room of the house and it is finally neat enough to show…except for the cords behind the desk…need to get some velcro straps for that…lol

But here you go…the Electricians Office…


It makes you look younger

Paul, did you loose some weight or what? You just seem to look a lot younger and energetic. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Way too clean and orderly.

lol…yep…I told you all I was a young electrical prodigy…no actually my son and Doug you are right…give me a few days and blue prints will be everywhere.

very nice

very nice Paul … anyone have an office smaller than 5’x6’?
Thats the size of mine until I finish the basement. (X})

I’ve not been known as a decorator, but that blank spot on the wall cries out for a blown-up picture of that now famous golf swing.

I like the border and stenciling. Very attractive Paul. :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of my mess,and one of the amazing Krystals mess too.



Wow…if I had that in my office I would never get any work done…and no I dont mean the notepad on the table either…:slight_smile:

lol…yeah…it was my mom’s guest room…lol…and she had it all decorated up nice with small birdhouse border and ivy stencils…atleast you did not notice my PGA beannie baby…:slight_smile:

You look rather young to be an electrician.

well…lets just say I am the Doogie Houser of the Electrical Profession…lol

Actually she is amazing, runs the whole office by herself. I do not know what I would do without her.

ahhh…maybe enter a convent…:slight_smile:

Wow Paul, I didn’t know you had joined RR. I’m proud that you are able to come out on the message board this way…:mrgreen:

Hold off Keith…when Paul makes it to Scottsdale (and I show him how to play) he can hang a picture of himself with a tear in his eye…:smiley:

[size=2]Paul’s office is a lot better than Nick’s office… garage with no windows and folding tables. Most of the people that we interview for new positions are to scared to walk in. The ones that are brave enough to walk in are to weird to work with :roll: [/size]


Nice office,and your son is a handsome young man.

I just received an e-mail telling me that you are comming to Toronto on March 1st, Count me in!!!