My Safe Florida Home Program Questioned

The facts are homes inspected under the My Safe Florida Home Program become public record.

The fact is that insurance companies will have access to these inspection records when making decisions on whether or not to sell a policy for a particular home.

Fact is people who own homes inspected under the My Safe Florida Home Program will be expected to harden their homes based on the recommendations from the inspection report.

Most likely people who refuse to comply with the recommendations in regards to hurricane hardening their home will be denied homeowners insurance in the future.

I suggest that no one who is not willing to harden their home from money out of their own pocket refrain from applying for aid through the My Safe Florida Home Program. No one knows for sure what the future will hold, my guess is that inspected homes will be required to comply with the results of the inspection and failure to do so will make them ineligible for mortgages and the ability to be covered under any homeowners insurance policy… and that will cost them thousands in the future. Follow the money. :slight_smile:

I get all that. Why will this information become public record, and where is there written evidence of this? Is it because MSFH program is a state funded program, and the information collected will become public record due to the Freedom of Information Act?

What I really want is the evidence or proof. With out hard evidence, what one says can be construed as merely an opinion. The ability to produce evidence to back up what one says makes a fact a fact. An attorney representing a client doesn’t go to court without evidence. I want to provide this info and be able to back it up.


The simple answer is that it is designed that way, the crux of the project is to harden Florida homes, the data collected is available to registered contractors who can bid on performing these repairs and insurance companies will be required to provide discounts based on the hardness of the homes against a schedule of published discounts.

So, it is easy to extrapolate the other darker side of the program in that if you have your home inspected and defects are documented and you do not have these defects corrected, your home will be penalized or refused insurance coverage.

The facts are…

  • The state wants your Florida home hardened
  • The state wants the insurance companies to lower premiums
  • Insurance companies only want to insure hardened homes
    *]The insurance companies want to charge the most they can to write policies
    No doubt the information the state collects will be made public.

You answered your own question.

My smart money says that the press should get the word out to the public so that people will stop asking for the free $5000 matching funds unless they are ready spend $5000.00 plus or end up with no or expensive insurance

Right now if I had a home in the zone I would not ask for a state free inspection might as well take the locks off the front door.

I could hurt bad. I don’t like using a state blessed contractor - Perhaps not the best choice.

A good NACHI inspector that knows how a home should be hardened and I know is the best choice


I has an interesting call this morning from the Better Business Bureau they were trying to sell me a $600+ subscription telling me how it would grow my business by being accredited (select H for Home Inspectors) through them. I was fairly rough on the guy stating that to me the BBB is just one step above Yellow Page ads and attracts the same type of uninformed shoppers when I spied the listing for… Tom Whalley’s BBB Accredited company, Home Inspections, LLC, at that point I just laughed out loud and hung up on the poor bastard.

I won’t be accredited with anyone who would accredit Tom Whalley and Home Inspection LLC for anything. Furthermore, I’m pissed that I even have to breath the same air as him let alone be listed on the same marketing page.

It appears that the BBB is just another one of those organizations that all one need do is bring money to get accredited, sad state of affairs and a good reason to protect the NACHI name.

Maybe this letter & exhibits (attachments) from a South Florida Attorney to multiple government officials may shed some light on the issues with My Safe Florida Homes, the WCE’s and the battle that is being fought to preserve our constitutional right to work while protecting the public interests and our tax dollars.

This was in response to a letter written by Florida’s CFO Alex Sink asking our State reps to revive the MSFH program.

Thanks to all, remember if you agree with the attached contact your State rep in writting and protest the WCE monopoly.

Jose’ F. Uz, CRC, CPO, CHI, CHC, M-NFPA, FHA-I, FABI & NACHI Certified Inspector
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