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4-Point Inspections…

Wind Mitigation Inspections…

And look a the price the insurance agent said the inspection will cost.

She was eligible for the credit because her home was built with wind mitigation straps, a building code made mandatory in Florida, after one too many hurricanes.

"They tie the roof to the wall," said Allstate insurance agent John Crowell."He said they’re in all homes built after 2002, or in older homes where roofs have been replaced."


The blind leading the deaf and…

Insulation falling from the ductwork?

Can someone call Simpson Strong-Tie and ask for the part number of the “wind mitigation strap”?

I guess before 2002…they just let the “roof” hang in the breeze…!

And people wonder why I drink! :mrgreen:

They obviously have not a clue!

Exactly :smiley: You’re not checking? (lol)

I guess I am not the only one who has been remiss!!

And the public listens to every word they say, and believe them.

They listen when they say the inspection should cost between $75.00 and $100.00

Now that the state has adopted a Standards of Practice shouldn’t all home inspections performed comply with these minimum standards?

Why should insurance companies be allowed to create their own forms or requirements? If the information which we supply to our home-buying clients allows them to make financial decisions regarding purchasing the home, why wouldn’t this same information also be vital to those who are underwriting it’s replacement?

I believe all home inspections produced in the Stare of Florida should comply with the new state Standards of Practice regardless of the end user, No?

No. I do not want to do the same b u l l s h i t our useless State officials have now dictated that “you guys” MUST do every-time you go into a house.

You already do. The wind mitigation form is a standard form.

From what I hear, all of the insurance companies are going to adopt the Citizens, or worse, think State Farm 4-point form. The what will you do?

It is why I pushed for a standardized 4-point form. The bare minimum, you should like that Mike.

If what I heard is true, home inspections, as we know them today, will be a thing of the past. I suggest everyone pay attention to the two new bills, well a month old, that are being pushed through. Those will be the gateway to eliminating home inspections.

Absolutely Joe. The roof is part of the house, therefore, a part of a home inspection already outlined in the law. Same goes for the electric, plumbing and a/c.

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Good I want to see State make the rules home inspections disappear and also hope they remove the asinine license.


It sucks having them involved with our businesses.

Wait… we’re agreeing? I reserve the right to change my mind. :shock:

Then you would have to give up your GC license, which isn’t going to happen. That is also the reason many think like you do. No licensing for the home inspectors…obviously, if they don’t even possess a license, they can’t be qualified to inspect a home, can they? Only the almighty GC can!

That is called seeing the handwriting on the wall and if things are not fought at every turn, it is exactly what will happen.

I don’t mind “them” involved…mainly, because I have always exceeded the sop and always will. It is after all, a minimum standard. :wink:

You do not mind them involved because you are a lead sheep and want all doing as you suggest :frowning:

I thought we cleared up the giving up the G.C. license a few days ago?


I AM NOT A SHEEP. I do not need anyone telling me what to do.

I make agreements with my clients and do what we agree on. It really is and should be that simple.

You break your agreement you face the consequences.

You and I are cut from very different cloth. I never want to do what someone tells me to do. I assume by everything you have ever said you just follow along and are a good boy and it does not bother you “that is the important part” I will almost bet you were a good student in school. Me I was a Prick, Not proud about it just the truth. fOR THE RECORD IT HAS ALWAYS CAUSED ME PROBLEMS. I actually do see some wisdom in your way of thinking. It just is not my way. If fellas like you were the majority a couple hundred years ago we would all still be British…Why rock the boat right :(.

I honestly do not wish to offend you and KNOW you do not care what I think I and just stating my observations.

Me it drives up a wall. I do not need anyone in my business. PERIOD.


I have been looking for those bills - can you post what the numbers are again, please?

In your rant, you did get one thing right, I was a “good” actually, much better than “good” student. My parents were, and probably still are, angry that I never went to college. I wanted to get out and experience the world…which I did.

What you fail to realize, is that we need some rules to abide by. The way things work is someone proposes something that you don’t like. You have to make a proposition that they may think about accepting, then eventually, you get most of what you wanted, or in some instances, everything you wanted. That is how negotiations work.

A society without rules is doomed. The same goes for professions. Would you want anyone to operate on your injured ankle? I mean, there are places in Miami where you can get that done, but would you? :wink:

I don’t follow along. Ask anyone who knows me and they will laugh in your face if you said that to them.

Something you should know, raising a child, some battles you lose…in order to win the war. Think about that. :cool:

I have a busy day of washing and waxing the boat as tomorrow will be the first official cruise down the St. Lucie River!

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