Mystery Package of CMI Apparel (Only sizes Small, Medium, and 3XL)

We have an abundance of CMI polos, work shirts, and t-shirts in sizes Small, Medium, and 3XL. If you want a mystery package of apparel in one of those sizes, reply here.

Don’t forget to include your size.

CMIs only, please!

Merry Christmas
Gerald Herrmann, CMI® TREC #22839

Ray Roberts
CPI: #21062167

3xl rtj5tujyuj

YES I would love that XL

Craig Hall Colo

Small please

3x please Thank you for another great Christmas party thank you all! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you everyone! Florida Home Inspection and Property Services LLC. Stay safe… (not jabbed).!!!

P.Giannino XL

Please and thank you Medium

I’ll take 3x for me

Medium. Great event! You guys are awesome!

Peafhh the

Dan Levia
Red Deer, Alberta
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you! 3xl please!

Medium size

Merry Christmas!

Shay Smith Spokane, WA # 238 #NACHI04071206

Merry Christmas to you all!

Medium please

Bob Linn
Clovis, NM