NACA Inspections

Is anyone doing NACA inspections? I have been asked by a couple of my agents to start doing them. I have submitted all of the required documentation and are approved now. But I’m yet to do a single inspection, and it has been a couple of months.

How often do you get called?

How much does it pay?

Do you just follow the template that is supplied with the required Home Gauge software? Do you just take the pictures onsite and then upload them to Home Gauge back at the office, and then submit it to NACA?

Sorry for all the questions about Home Gauge, I use Palm

Yes you just follow the template that HG has for NACA inspections. Most guys I’ve heard from only get a few a year though there seems to be a few areas that get more.

I use Palm Tech, not because it is the best. Just because it is the first one the I started using when I got in the business. I understand the HIP is really good. I’ve use Palm now for 3 years and I have learned how to use it or modify it to meet my requirements. I don’t really want to learn HomeGuage, but NACA requires it. If I’m only going to get a few inspection per year it may not be worth having to learn a second software.

Thanks Dominic for your comments. Happy New Year!

Didn’t you do your due diligence first, or you just jumped in without looking on a realtors comment?

Why would anyone want to be involved with this potential headache?..

If it works for you, that’s great! As far as NACA, do what Jeffrey said and look into it a little more. It’s possible there are more inspections generated in your area, I don’t know. I just know that the guys on the East Coast I’ve talked to say they’re few and far between.