NACHI booth at HomeShow at Rockingham Mall, New Hampshire on Feb 23-25, 2007.

Visit the NACHI booth at the Rockingham Mall HomeShow in New Hampshire on February 23-25. NACHI booth manned by NACHI NH Vice President Marcus Hutnick of SNH Home Inspections & Testing Services, LLC

Thanks Marcus!

WOW…Thanks Nick. I’ll be there for support.

Is there a link to this event?

If I’m needed for any assistance whatsoever, please ask.

I’ll help out also if needed.

Congratulations to Marcus!:smiley:

This is what NACHI is all about. Members helping members, and members striving to promote the most professional association on the planet! :smiley:

Hello All,

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and phones calls about this home show. I’ve paid $800 out of my pocket to promote my business.
In case it came across in another way, Nick is letting me borrow a NACHI display and Table cover at my booth and I’ll in turn promote NACHI during this event. Simple as that. Regards, Marcus;)